Mapping & Localisation

- GPS/IMU/DMI/Lidar/Camera Fusion-Based Localization
- Reconfigurable Sensors for Flexible Deployment and Costing
- Efficient Algorithm Running on Low-cost Embedded Processor
- Mapping Services and Onboard Map Updates
- Map Management to Handle Big Maps that Enables Online Updates
- Automated Sensor Calibration Tool for Deployment
- Accurate and Robust Positioning Data, with Built-in Redundancy (multi-sensor)




- Obstacle Detection, Classification & Tracking
- Curb Detection and Road Markings Recognition
- Road Semantic Understanding & Driveable Space Detection
- Passenger Detection, Monitoring & Intention Detection
- Accurate Obstacle Detection and Distance Measure
- Traffic Light & Traffic Sign Recognition
- Parking Slot Detection and Occupancy Check

Navigation / Intelligent Behaviour

- Cross Platforms/Models Adaptive Behaviour
- Configurable Vehicle Intelligent Parameters
- High Level Mission Planning for Optimized Route
- Humanize Like Reactions to Various Road Situation
- Optimized Path Planning for Vehicle Comfort
- Local Path Optimized Reactive Path Planner
- Adaptive Cruise Control
- Smart Parking
- RNDF Builder Toolkits


Vehicle Controller
- Detailed Modelling of Vehicle Dynamics
- Longitudinal Predictive Cruise Control
- Lateral Adaptive Preview Control
- Robust Model-based PI+PD Longitudinal Control with Active Disturbance Rejection